Union EMS

Explorer Post


Career Exploring

Career Exploring is a national program run through the Boy Scouts of America. It gives
interested youth the opportunity to get hands on experience in a variety of career fields
and grow as leaders in their communityies as explorers and individuals. Exploring is meant
to prepare youth for careers in their desired career field.

Exploring at Union EMS

For 23 years, the Union EMS Explorer post has been proudly preparing individuals
for the world of Emergency Medical Services. Serving alongside fellow Explorers
involved in Emergency Services throughout Union County, Union EMS Explorers can
expect to be part of a hands-on and fast-paced program that will lead to being fully
prepared and highly trained. The Union EMS Explorers program is open to students
age 14 to 18, who are interested in a medical field of study.


  • High School student

  • Ages 14-18

  • Maintain at least C average in all classes

Meetings and Activities

Union EMS Explorers meet for two hours twice a month to learn about different areas of the
Emergency Medical Services System through hands-on participation and interaction with Union EMS Paramedics.
Each meeting will offer Union EMS Explorers a unique opportunity to “explore” EMS as a potential career and
to learn more about healthcare professions in general.


Mondays, twice a month, 6 to 8pm


Union EMS

1403 Dove Street

Monroe, N.C. 28112

(980) 993-7600

Activitites for the year

Explorers will have the opportunity to provide input to future activities based on their attendance and participation.
Once minimal requirements are met, Explorers will be eligible to schedule ride-alongs with the advisors on the ambulance.

Explorer Goals

  • Obtain CPR Certification

  • Training in Basic Life Support

  • Exposure to Advanced Life Support Concepts

  • Develop Working Knowledge of Ambulances and EMS Equipment

  • Team Participation and leadership skill development

  • Advanced training / education as Explorers interest dictates