What We Do

Originating in 1985, Union Emergency Medical Services is managed by Atrium Health, one of the largest and most progressive healthcare systems in the country. We are the primary 911 service provider for the nearly 300,00 citizens of Union County NC, and average over 25,000 requests for service per year. Each ambulance is staffed with at least one Paramedic and one EMT.

Our goal is to arrive on the scene of emergency calls in less that 15 minutes anywhere within the 640 square miles of Union County. We meet or exceed this goal 90 percent of the time with an average response time of 7.7 minutes. Our more that 175 teammates work together to make this happen.

We also provide non-emergency transport, medical standby at large events, Tactical Paramedics to Union County Sheriff’s Department SWAT, and community education to schools and civic groups.

Excellence In Action

To achieve our goal of demonstrating excellence, Union EMS is constantly researching the latest clinical trends in emergency medicine. For example, we use:

  • Cardiac monitors with the latest technology that goes far beyond just measuring the electrical activity of the heart allowing our team to measure carbon dioxide levels, keep track of many aspects of the patient’s condition and other clinical functions.
  • Electronic patient care reporting
  • Continuous monitoring of system performance by data collection, quality improvement, quality assurance and proactive medical oversight.
  • The latest, industry-leader level medical procedures and scope-of-practice techniques and protocols