Community Paramedicine

Atrium Health Union’s Community Paramedicine (CP) Program offers in-home care to patients after leaving the hospital. Highly skilled paramedics provide treatment in your home and can connect with doctors and practitioners online for personalized, expert care when and where you need it.

What can I expect during a home visit?

A paramedic will arrive at your home and perform an assessment – taking you vital signs, reviewing your prescribed medications, and checking your home environment and medical equipment. They’ll work with you’re and your doctor to set the best schedule for future visits and provide direction for the care and treatment you need. If needed, our paramedics can connect directly with your doctor online or via phone. With your doctor’s guidance and the paramedic’s specialized equipment, recurring and complex diseases can be treated at home.

Who does the CP Program Serve?

The CP program serves citizens of Union County, North Carolina.

How does the program help patients?

When you’re enrolled in the CP Program, you will receive convenient, personalized care in the comfort of your home. For example, if you aren’t feeling well, are short of breath or need help with your medications, a paramedic will come t your home to help you with your healthcare needs.

How do you participate in the CP program?

If the program is right for you, a hospital representative will let you know and give you enrollment information. When you decide to join, you’ll soon benefit from our in-home personal care.

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